Wine List

Creating a wine list to match the nuances of Indian cuisine can often be challenging yet we know there are many options here for you to enjoy. Spice and heat are the key elements to the food here and as a result, we looked for wines (of varying styles) to match, balance and enhance the flavours of the dishes. Think soft, textured wines, rounded, fruit driven style reds with soft edges and rounded mouth feel. All have been selected to best reprint their style, grape variety and region.

The wine list is also laid out in order of style from light, to medium and then fuller bodied/flavoured wines for both whites and reds. This is done to make matching the wine to your meal more intuitive as lighter flavoured food goes better with lighter flavoured dishes. It really is that easy.

We believe that there is a wine for all the wine lovers, but we encourage you to bring your own. We charge a minimal corkage amount of $1.50 per person.

Enjoy your time here at indii and happy drinking.


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